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Star Child: A Fourth Generation - Thriller Horror Action

Logline: A former gang member finds help from a troubled ex-Marine when her genetically-altered daughter is kidnapped revealing a government-alien conspiracy to replace humans.

A hard life on the streets with the San Chucos gang has made Josie Sanchez a tough-as-nails, single mom. Her 7-year-old daughter, Riley, has haunting, black eyes and an intellect beyond her years.Troubled by her daughter's strange behavior, Josie takes Riley to see a psychologist who diagnoses her with a Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Fired from the waitress job she hates after a confrontation with customer Jackson Torres, Josie tries to make amends by offering him a place to stay for the night. When soldiers armed with M16s arrive, Jackson takes them out with his handgun and they escape to a local motel.

The next morning, Agents in Black kidnap them. As they travel down a highway in a black Mercedes, Jackson strangles the driver with his own seat belt. They hit an oncoming semi-trailer and flip over. Surviving the fatal impact, Jackson and Josie hijack the semi-trailer as an Agent in Black goes after them.

Stealing a Cadillac at a gas station, Jackson drives to the home of veteran soldier Miguel Cruz where Josie learns that he is an ex-Marine with PTSD. He can't hold a gun without getting a tremor in his hand. Betrayed by Cruz who contacts the NSA, Jackson and Josie flee with Riley as Agents in Black relentlessly pursue them.

Jackson drives the Mercedes to the inner-city streets where they meet up with the San Chucos gang and Josie's ex Chico Chavez. Jackson is recognized as the thief who stole the Cadillac and a fight erupts with a gangster who is a martial arts expert. Josie intervenes to save Jackson and they exchange their Mercedes for a hot rod.

When Agents in Black find them again, Jackson realizes they are still being tracked. Riley announces that she has an implant behind her ear. Jackson takes Riley to a hospital and forces a surgeon to remove a tracking device. Agents in Black pursue them into a boiler room where Jackson fights for his life. Helpless as Riley is kidnapped, Jackson confesses to Josie that the NSA recruited him to abduct her daughter.

Despite his betrayal, Josie needs Jackson's help to rescue Riley. They drive back towards Area 51 but the radiator blows on the hot rod. As they walk along the isolated desert in the heat, dehydration takes its toll causing Jackson and Josie to fall unconscious in the sand.

When Jackson and Josie awaken, they are contained inside a secure cell. They are informed that the Agents in Black were clones created to eliminate problems in the public sector. Riley is a fourth generation of genetic alteration, a Star Child. A government-alien conspiracy reveals a mind-controlled slave force for colonization and a New World Order. Their lives in danger, Jackson kills the armed soldiers who guard a door causing a security breach. Jackson and Josie escape into a network of abandoned buildings where they discover Riley frozen in a cryogenic lab. They are too late to save her.

Captured by soldiers, General Knox explains that Riley has been contained for research. When Josie is taken from the room, Jackson is stunned by a taser after he puts General Knox in a choke hold. Paralyzed on the floor, he is dragged away by soldiers and his attempt to escape fails. Jackson and Josie are strapped to metal tables, their selective memories erased with an injection.

Returning to her life as a waitress, Josie pours a cup of coffee for Officer Jackson Torres and his partner. A nervous customer upset with his cold eggs, pulls a knife and holds the blade against Josie's throat. When Jackson draws his gun, his hand doesn't shake with a tremor anymore. The customer is disarmed, handcuffed and taken to a patrol car. Although they don't remember one another, Josie and Jackson feel a bond that is unexplainable.

I write well-executed supernatural thrillers, action and dark historical with multi-cultural characters for an international audience. I am a pitch winner and my scripts have placed as a finalist in prominent screenplay competitions.