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imossible escalation

GENRE: Comedy, Contemporary Political satire fiction,

logline: The story of unscrupulous politicians dragging the world through unnecessary bloodshed and wars to achieve their selfish ambitions.

“Impossible escalation” is a unique opportunity for us the movie viewers to see something new and surprising while providing hope of an optimistic and worthy future for all of us, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, education, and party affiliation.

Script options
. feature film screenplay(-last draft)110 pages . 1
,tv series screenplay +tv pilot: (first draft) 320 pages. 2
3. A film in three sequels : style of The Lord of the Rings (first draft)315 pages
4. An animated film/series(first draft)
5. Graphic Novel / Comics (first draft
6. Movie/series for the internet
7. Movie/series for mobile
8. Computer/mobile game
9.all kind of merchandise