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Spec-script for : THE FIRE-WALKER

Please allow me to pitch a low budget Full-Feature Film for the purpose of submitting to film festivals.


Definition of FIREWALKER:
The practice of walking barefoot over something such as hot stones, coals or wood ashes, often as part of a traditional ceremony.

At the age of (6-8) Clifton, a Native-American boy must go through The Fire-walker Ceremony to become an Indian Brave.
Unfortunately, at the moment nothing is more irritating to Clifton than his infant twin-sibling sucking his mother’s breasts all day long. Clifton gets jealous and neglects his Fire-walker preparations to focus on a personal mission to find a woman with a perfect pair of breasts all for himself.

84 Pages

Light-hearted Drama, Romance, Comedy.
Similar to: Juno and Little Miss Sunshine.
A loosely based PG-Rated-Adaptation of La Teta y La Luna
(Spanish/French film), written and directed by Bigas Luna, 1994

* This script is specifically written to be produced/filmed inexpensively.

SUMMARY: (1 Page)

Primary Plot:
This adaptation is about a 8-10 year old Native American boy (Clifton) who is currently obsessed with women's breasts.
Clifton's innocent desire to learn more about women’s breast, in turn makes Cliff a local hero and savior of the tiny town of Ito Arizona.
A beautiful carnival worker (Angel 19-22) arrives in town. Angel has great breasts and is the answer to Clifton's prayers.
Unfortunately for Clifton, Angel is the love interest of two adult men:
1. Roger, is her travel companion boyfriend, and
2. Louie, Clifton's eight-teen year old cousin , who wins girls over with his amazing singing voice.
Clifton lives in the small Indian community of Ito Arizona, it is situated along The Northern Arizona-New Mexico border along the interstate where tourist and truckers pass in-route to California, The Grand Canyon or Las Vegas.
Long ago Clifton's Grandfather devised a way to supplement the town’s income by establishing a regional Pow-Wow Fire-walking ceremony.
At the Pow-Wow held twice a month, regional tribes dress in Native American attire and invite tourists to watch in the local’s attempt to walk across a pit of simmering coals without getting hurt.
Fire-walking, according to Cliff’s Grandfather is the Native American ceremony of walking barefoot across hot coals to cleanse the soul and prove one’s righteousness.
A few local men are successful Fire-walkers, among this elite group are Clifton's grandfather in his younger days and Clifton's father.
Clifton wants to be a great Fire-walker like his Dad and Grandpa but he lacks the confidence stemming from his two major fears; the fear of heights and unfortunately the fear of fire and anything associated with fire.

Secondary Plot:
The town of Ito and two other local communities have been notified by The State Tax Office that their communities are in default of $120.000 in back-taxes that accrued during the now-closed copper mine operations.
Additionally, the Town of Ito has had their Indian gambling license revoked forcing the local casino to close down until the tax is paid.

Clifton’s Conclusion:
During his search, Clifton saves a woman’s life from a burning RV trailer. In gratitude for Clifton’s bravery someone pays the entire city tax-default. This tax relief payment makes Clifton a celebrated local hero and the most famous Indian Brave ever, all because of his quest to find himself a perfect pair of breasts.

Can send: The complete screenplay and release form.