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My Friends Call Me Billy

I have been trying to get someone interested in this for a while. So far without success, even though it is a great true story. It was the night in a saloon on the Arizona/New Mexico border in late 1870's or early 1880's when Wyatt Earp meet the man known as "Billy the Kid". Wyatt in his late 20's and Billy in his early 20's. They were both literally young guns, neither of them not yet really famous. It is important to the story to note that Wyatt was not a typically "gunslinger". Wyatt was always a "rifleman", except for maybe one of his own brothers, Wyatt was the best rifleman that ever lived. At the end of the evening, Billy rode off on Wyatt's horse. Billy did NOT have Wyatt's permission to take Wyatt's horse, he just stole it in his Billy style. Wyatt could have easily shot Billy off his horse, when he saw Billy riding off with it. The Wild West would have had a different story about the death of Billy the Kid. However and for whatever reason, Wyatt choose to spare Billy. Instead of shooting Billy he just yelled at him "What is your name?". Billy yelled back "My friends call me Billy" as he was riding off into the sunset on Wyatt's own horse. Anyone interested in working on this can email me.