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Logline and 2 paragraph synopsis for White Desert

White Desert is a 90 page screenplay, calls for a cast of 22 characters, and is complete. Logline and a brief synopsis follows.

Logline: After the gang-rape and subsequent suicide of his fiancee, a artist kills the perpetrators, then flees to a desert dwelling to seek solitude and solace.

Synopsis: Bill has taken refuge in a remote desert dwelling, where he paints and repaints images of Elizabeth, his dead fiancee. But Brandi and two bikers, thinking Bill's dwelling is the home of a former dope contact, show up. Thinking Bill is an easy mark because of his isolation, the bikers circle back at night, intending to rob Bill. Bill kills both of them, lets Brandi live but releases her into the desert with only a gallon of water. The desert proves too much, she backtracks and catches Bill off-guard. She releases him with a gallon of water, but he also backtracks. A cat-and-mouse game ensues, until seeing an uncanny resemblance between Elizabeth and Brandi, Bill let's Brandi drive off. Brandi thinks maybe he can love her as much as he still loves Elizabeth, and returns. Bill is momentarily deceived by her attempt but then sees through it. And reacts.

A series of flashbacks fill in the back story: the rape scene, a police lineup, an interview with a sympathetic detective, poignant moments with Elizabeth, a funeral scene, and more. There's also Bill's progressive descent into madness. He not only repeatedly and compulsively paints portraits of Elizabeth but talks to her as though she's still alive. By story's end, after he's killed and buried Brandi, he constructs a stone grotto to house Elizabeth's paintings, then proceeds to dance in the moonlight with an hallucinatory image of Elizabeth to the strains of a Strauss waltz.

If I've piqued your interest, I can submit a longer synopsis or the entire manuscript. White Desert is WGA registered: 1949707.