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Pitch for BEXAR ASSED stage/screen script

He kills her, he kills her not. She kills him, she kills him not. Dolise's near country-bumpkin ass is just the listening ear Jenifer's super-sexy ass needs to remain humble. This dramedy shares what happens when block-bleeder Jasper Derrick's keeps using Jenifer as an unwilling sparring partner, as blood-soaked bedding, and walls decorated with her blood, sweat and tears go from private to public.
He loves her by giving her two STDs, and beating her into a miscarriage. He has her back by sending ratchets to assault her. He financially holds her down by repeatedly slipping party-favors in her food and beverages causing her to lose her high-paying job as a corporate designer, so when the judicial system finally pays attention, it's life or death; guilty!