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All Pastors aren't created equal, something congregations learn firsthand, their issues varying from being *****mongering and having side-pieces to private drug and alcohol use to flagrant greed and living lavish; Ambernique is no exception.
After emotionally surviving a hard-knocks life, graduating with a degree in street-life, those closet to her had to believe that God is absolutely a forgiving God; Amen.
By 35 she graduates with a BA in Religion and Theology, two years later she has her own church, dedicated congregation and a building fund of $173,673.
Her bestfriend Sabryna's gossipin' ass becomes a certified deaconess, just to show and prove God forgave her too, and to remain all up and in Pastor's business, who does so much for and in the community, that her congregation has to stand back when her skeletons come stumblin' out the closet, about to force hell from the bottom to the top, after she crashes her brand new Cadillac, near-fatally injuring two young girls; the judge hands down the law. Selah.
When her fate is all said and done, she'll need way more than a couple hallelujahs and a few Amens; OOWEE.