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Synopsis for stage/screen script ON 'E'

Klaudia’s emotionally entangled ass, in her first real relationship; third boyfriend, is taught by her mother the best way to a man’s heart is not only through his stomach, but to cater to his everything; demonstrating by way of her father, Carlito and three beautiful older brothers, what love should be, could be and better not be.
As a blended cake of all genes good, she covers her upbeat nature with fire, no ice. As an up-and-coming Real Estate developer, selling half-million dollar and up properties, you’d think she'd have better focus, but she's losing it trying to keep up with the joneses’; rather Genison’s nefarious ass, so she does a lot of talking out loud, just to stay sane.
Genison, 30s, visually all a woman, and a few men, could ask for, lean, tall and tight, is a most arrogant and selfish human being. Wy'ita, catches pure hell from her older brother, growing from a girl to a young woman, as he refuses to defend her; this muthafucca here!
He becomes a Master Chef for two reasons; to seduce women, disrupting everything about them, and to be in the company of men of a particular set of skills; everybody gotta eat and his ass did feed.
We the people, feel Klaudia is Genison’s equal; as his perfected 'game' may be the death of her, because in his closet won’t rest the skeletons of his increasing mental downward spiraling, and, though his sex game is blazin’, his rude awakenings override her being able to completely relax.
After emotionally bailing on her, again, her car runs out of the $38 of Unleaded, near a mile from the closest gas station; gas she put in, and his black ass ran out.
Klaudia, now unfulfilled with him in everyway knows the end has to be at hand. She leans heavily on the heavens for an earthly understanding, doing her best to remain catering and rational, as fast-approaching is her loss to the waiting irrational.