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Nonfiction docudrama

by Alanda K. James

An African-American woman is driven to conduct her own investigation after her complaints to authority figures about harassment by bald middle-aged white men, members of "the alphabet agencies," are ignored. After years of suffering interferences into her activities in person and in cyberspace, she attempts to identify who they are and why they are determined to upend her life. With her phones tapped, her intellectual property stolen, their intrusions into her efforts to earn a living escalate into far more menacing acts: constant aerial surveillance, challenges to her basic rights and threats upon her life. When she witnesses changes in the lives of people in her inner circle, she suspects the culprits are attempting to destroy every aspect of her life. As her support system succumbs to unusual misfortunes under questionable circumstances, she suspects it is the handiwork of her detractors. Her search for answers to a decades-long dilemma leads to a startling revelation about the forces that have declared war on her life.