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Novel Nemesis Vector


I would like to submit the following Novel for your consideration. A dramatic love story with an intense Sci-Fi plot for a movies and or TV series.

TITLE: The Nemesis Vector (334 pg. book now offered on Amazon, pen name Bo Demont w/book 2 written, not yet published)


LOGLINE: The Nemesis Vector, a near-future adventure takes Sci-Fi to a believable “what if” reality right here on Earth as two astronauts, on a routine mission aboard the International Space Station, become Earth’s unlikely heroes saving mankind from a hostile invasion, while the alien's attempt to terraform our moon and harvest the helium 3 from the moons regolith.

SYNOPSIS: Two, likeable and fun-loving astronauts, who have been buddies for years, find themselves in grave danger as they perform routine maintenance outside the International Space Station. As they work, they are caught off-guard by the stealth arrival of an alien ship and then watch helplessly as the hostile intruders, forcibly enter the ship and summarily murder their colleagues. These two brave men realize that they are the only line of defense for Earth and that they must find a way to warn Earth and contrive a plan to destroy the Alien ship for any hope of returning to Earth safely. With no defensive weapons available, this immediate dire task will not be easily achieved. This is an intense, unnerving story, with many nail-biting moments. These solid heroes and sinister villains are completely intertwined within a beautiful, but heart-breaking, love story as astronaut Rory Scott’s wife, Sahara, is believed to be killed while heavily pregnant with their first child. Believing that they have both been lost in a retaliatory strike by the alien intruders, he survives the many trials he and his partner face only to get his urgent burning desire for revenge satisfied and to rid the Earth of this menace.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-2iQ94_fPs ; (Book Trailer video)

Graduate of Portland State, but moreover a lover of Sci-fi and a hopeless romantic. I remember as a child studying the night sky and counting the seemingly endless number of shooting stars. Seeing Saturn for the first time while looking through a backyard telescope has given me inspiration for this story.

If you have any interest in this idea, please let me know and we can discuss this in more detail.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sandy Hawkshaw (Bo Demont)
Author Nemesis Vector