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Chitose: Beyond Redemption

In what used to be Japan, a young shinobi’s morals are taken to the ultimate test when he has to choose between loyalty to his mentor and his mentor’s cult, and protecting the common folk. Meanwhile, an old shinobi, has to face the absolutely horrendous crimes of his past as leader of that same cult.

With its intense fight scenes, engaging and interesting characters, plot twists and dialogue hinting at a far greater underlying story, it is certain to make people want more (I have already got enough story for three sequels, each more engaging than the previous one, though I am getting ahead of myself).

I hope this has gotten you hooked enough to request further information. And on a side note, while the story would work better as English-Japanese, it is at this point still flexible enough to have it take place in the United States. In the first draft it actually did take place in the United States. Or in the context of the story: in what used to be the United States.