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Estranged sisters Gomer and Elizabeth Keiser, an outlaw and a senator, are brought together by a sinister threat for the first time since humankind has relocated to the Trappist-1 planetary system.

Lauren Gomera Keiser, aka Gomer, is no hero. How does the daughter of earth’s most renowned scientist become an outlaw miner on the dangerous exoplanet “D” in the Trappist-1 system? The truth is Planet D (inhabited by the D-men) provides for Gomer a place where she can build a life and a name for herself while never having to confront the relationships she destroyed in the grief of losing her dad. Here she has goals to chase, an outlaw community of D-men, and most importantly- a place to hide from the people who mean the most to her.

Gomer’s tale is set in the aftermath of The Exodus, in the year 2114. Humankind has escaped planet earth and relocated 40 light years away to a planetary system known as Trappist-1.. The United Nations, now the Federation, is attempting to govern the new world peacefully in a socialist democracy with senators elected by the people before the departure. Gomer’s sister Elizabeth Keiser is the beloved young Senator. After becoming a breakout political star on earth, she is now one of the Federation leaders over Planet E where almost all of earth’s former inhabitants reside. However the possibility of a peaceful new world is threatened by Ministry- a sinister religious faction who believes ruling Trappist-1 is their manifest destiny.

Gomer and Elizabeth’s father Eric Keiser is the scientist instrumental in discovering intergalaxy travel through quantum entanglement. Before the Exodus, Eric Keiser went missing in space and Gomer suspected foul play by the US government. In her anger and paranoia, she destroyed her once close relationship with Elizabeth. In Trappist-1, they each live separate lives masking the grief of their broken family. Complicating this fraught situation even more, Elizabeth’s right hand man Thomas Sanders, a General in the Federation, had a brief but intense affair with Gomer before leaving earth.

Now the sisters are forced to face each other once again when the new rare earth element that Gomer mines is discovered to hold properties that can be used in a weapon of mass destruction. The “sovereign Father” of Ministry, Peter, has his eye on Elsium (EM) and the Federation has caught wind of their scheme to use EM to build a device that would give them total control of Planet E. In order to protect humanity from Ministry, the Federation has to confront the outlaws of Planet D (the D-men) and insist on setting up protective measures. Gomer and her rebel friends want total freedom from any Federation control. As a result we have a battle of both political ideologies and sisters bearing deep wounds. The Fed’s diplomatic attempt backfires and Elizabeth ends up face to face with her own sister in a shoot off. Elizabeth is rushed back to Federation Headquarters for medical attention after being injured by none other than Gomer. While driving through space with no security, her space pod is intercepted by Ministry.

When Gomer hears that Elizabeth is in danger, she immediately leaves Planet D to rescue her. Despite everything that has gone down, that is her sister. She recruits General Thomas and an old friend from earth, the brilliant hacker Edroyal Womack, to rescue Elizabeth. After breaking a bunch of laws and a close call with the authorities at Federation Headquarters, the trio jets into space with the Ministry’s security layout on file. Ministry resides in a foreboding cathedral-like spaceship. In captivity, Elizabeth’s meeting with Peter “the Father” reveals that her political career may have been manipulated in disturbing ways she never realized. When Gomer, Roy, and Thomas arrive at Ministry, what ensues is an intense rescue sequence. The bitter tensions between Elizabeth and Gomer come to a head, and after almost drowning in a creepy blood filled baptismal, the sisters finally find healing for their self inflicted wounds.

Gomer’s journey from isolation to connection climaxes when she chooses to make a huge sacrifice to save her sister. Leaving behind the armor of our insulated world can be terrifying. Vulnerability always asks a price but the reward is infinite. This story uses super fun futuristic devices such as mind melding, memory sharing, and a totally new political system to explore the timeless call to show up with compassion when everything in you wants to shut down in fear and anger.

My sister compares this to a sci-fi Frozen, albeit much more adult and with a punk metal vibe. This is a high concept feature that I believe will appeal to a mass audience. At its core, it is a movie about family and the struggle to connect to loved ones that so many people deal with in a divided world of screens and projected identities. If you are looki