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Feature Length Screenplay: The America Dream

LOG LINE: A young sports gambler gets involved with setting up a digital gaming business for his mafia bookie which, in turn, becomes a real threat to his continued existence.


Charlie McQueen blows into New York City, fresh out of art college with 60 lbs of Hawaiian weed to sell and a knack for picking winners in pro football and basketball. He’s on a mission to capture his version of The American Dream.

Very quickly, Charlie hooks up with Frank Tucci, a local mobster, who owns the sports book where Charlie bets. He hires Charlie to put his business on line, which Charlie does quite successfully. Charlie finds a woman to love, stops dealing weed and even betting on games. The sports books, in which he is a minority partner, is making money hand over fist. Charlie’s American Dream is quickly coming true.

However, Frank Tucci, on a mission to prove his worth to his powerful father, decides to buy a quantity of cocaine with his profits. Charlie is reluctantly recruited to broker the deal and suddenly Charlie’s American Dream all starts going to hell from there.

The big question is whether and how Charlie can get it back again.

The American Dream is an character study of people who live outside the law. It’s also structured as a movie within a movie, with Charlie telling his story to a friend two years hence, as a man on the run from the mob, which is where his dream appears to have taken him. But appearances, they say, can be deceiving.