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Feature Lenght Scxreenplay

LOG LINE: A greedy terrorist hired to aid a left wing group decides to turn the tables on his employer for a larger profit.


Dale Hogan, a CIA operative, has blown a major assignment.

He had been assigned to safely conduct a Russian defector, a scientist named Anatoly Mikalov, to Washington for debriefing,
after having been granted political asylum.

Mikalov was kidnapped and found dead in a Bronx apartment. His brain had been surgically removed. Unbeknownst to all the cops on the case, Dale included, the information in Mikalov’s brain was being extracted, (using unproven experimental laser technology), by a radical left wing scientific group whose plan is to blackmail the US government with the information.

The scientific organization’s hired henchman, Alex Peterson, however, would much rather sell the technology back to the Russians for a king’s ransom.

The Agency is out to hang the Mikalov case on Dale, in much the same way as they did with his father, Jim, many years earlier, (told through flashbacks). Isolated and able to trust virtually no one, Dale turns to his retired father, and together they set out to solve the Mikalov Case and confront an old ghost from Jim’s past.

The Mikalov Case is a smart thriller, with a strong backstory, a number of plot twists, and an interesting evil villain.