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Feature Length Screenplay: The Locker Key

LOG LINE: A writer and radio personality is given a key to a locker that holds the future of the computer industry. But a lot of very bad people want to take it from him.


Jake Morrison is a well known TV and video columnist and radio personality for one the city’s tabloid newspapers and a “all-guy” radio station and likes his life just fine.

But Jake has no idea what he’s stepped in when he meets up with an old school chum who gives him a locker key to hold. Their next planned meeting, when Jake is to return the key, turns into disaster. The old school chum is murdered and Jake is left with the contents of the locker, a revolutionary supercomputer prototype and all the technology and information needed to mass produce it, a lot of money and some very ****** off people, after both the multi-billion dollar technology and Jake.

Through a crime reporter friend, Jake manages to hook up with Mick Tyler, a professional bodyguard, who agrees to help Jake out of the jackpot in which he’s found himself. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the leader of the bad guys is an old
crone of Mick Tyler’s who is working for the owner of the computer company to whom the technology technically belongs,

The Locker Key is a fast-paced thriller with a number of interesting twists and turns in the effort to keep Jake alive and the secret he’s holding from being hoarded by one maniacal Bill Gates wannabe.