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Re-Making America

TV Documentary Proposal
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I implore you to take 3.5 minutes to examine this package and adjudge if I indeed have something unique that is marketable. I have developed a TV Documentary Proposal titled Re-Making America. Using an information technology term, I discuss the United States the as if it was a computer ‘operating system. I have concluded that the United States needs some radical changes on the way we live and operate this country. I have to admit the ideas I have presented will be viewed by most as radical but that is fine. My purpose is to present some ideas and concepts to radically change this great nation.These controversial notions for change are based in part on the research of the writings and opinions of Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and Thomas Paine. All of these Founding Fathers were “nationalists” who were convinced that the federal government of the United States has the legitimate right and moral obligation to be eminently involved in our lives. They understood the need for a strong central government.

Take a look at what I have presented which incudes an Introduction outlining the purpose of the TV Documentary Proposal and Table of Contents which lists the chapters which are then briefly described with a discussion of the contentsof each chapter including some maps, charts and research material
I implore you to read each proposal / chapter as a distinct entity and judge them accordingly with an open mind. Ask the question, could this work or will it start a discussion that could lead to some radical and in my opinion needed changes?

I truly believe this has the potential to make some people sit up and take notice, especially in the current state of America we live in. With some proper marketing I think this book could end up in every college political science department, sitting on the desk of every U.S. Congressman, State Legislature and Governor’s Office in America.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ray Coughenour is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and decorated combat veteran. After retirement from the Army he hosted a radio show, The Daily Report with Colonel Ray for several years in South Texas where he discussed political issues. He has interviewed numerous elected officials including Texas Governor’s Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, over a dozen currently sitting U.S. Congressman, Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee and dozens of Federal and Military officials. Colonel Ray interviewed Donald Trump ten years ago. He is currently semi-retired and living in Palm Springs, CA. He can be reached by email at; colonelray@outlook.com

Re-Making America
Introducing New “Operating System” for The United States of America. The United States of America is indeed exceptional. This amazing young country has saved more, fed more, freed more, healed more and protected more people than all other countries in world history combined. We did this by creating The United States that allowed the formation of a unique country never seen before. The system has served us well, but I now see an America that is fading both internally and internationally. If America is to keep or in the opinion of some reclaim the world leadership that we have lost, in my opinion we need to make some dramatic changes to the way we operate in America. I propose a new version of our “operating system” that will radically change how we operate in this United States of America. If implemented, we will regain and maintain our needed leadership of this world we live in.If we do not do this, the United States will lose our preeminent place in this world and the world will lose the country that has, I said earlier, the USA saved more, fed more, freed more, healed more and protected more people than all other countries in world history combined.

1. A New Map of The United States of America. New State boundaries that create better representation and economic efficiency. Still 50 states. See map first page.
2. Municipal Governments. Consolidation of City / County Governments all over the USA. A proposal to create new 3,000 Municipal Governments by consolidating Cities and Counties around the country based on the Census Bureau’s Statistical Metropolitan Area designations.
3. Making Every Vote Count. A National Holiday on Election Day, No Exit Polls & No more Winner- take-all Electoral College. Friday, Polls will be open from 0800AM until 0900PM. Registering to vote every possible opportunity. Instant voter registration will be available.
4. The National Protective Services Corps. (NPSC) A Federal Nationwide System for all Law Enforcement Services. Nationwide system for those who protect and serve us in law enforcement. A combined agency that manages all the law enforcement functions in the entire USA