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Soho Padre (comedy)

Logline-Swinging sixties Soho London is **** a hoop with its new incumbent (comedy)

Synopsis- Father Leahy visits lapsed flock on a lwr w/c inner city housing estate, triggering Flashbacks to his first assignment to London's SOHO. Meeting on his first day a salt of the earth, cheerful cockney cabbie, encountering a cabinet minister, east end villains, red light doorways, trendy Carnaby street youths, aristocratic playboys, cocky film industry runners, hard working Italian peasants made good, theatre world, street life, people on business, nudge nudge, has been mafia would-be's, street market grafters, street brasses, knighted actors, the world and his wife. TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL.90% of this is true! The other 10% is BIG. Could be set to music. Prepared to work with others.