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A feature length Drama/Sports

Hello Team,

I have written an excellent Sports/Drama feature of 122 pages. The feature contains several characters with 4 main characters.I believe it's an excellent opportunity for both of us and could be a win-win situation, because there are many boxing movies out there in Hollywood, but very few of MMA(Original). Also the flow of the story and the emotional moments make it unique. Let me know. Thanks for your time in advance.

Log line: An ex-underground fighting champion living a normal life is forced to step into the professional world of mixed-martial-arts to face one of the most feared fighters to ever step in the ring, to avenge his sister’s life.

Name - Sandesh Hegde
Title of Work - A FIGHTER'S VIRTUE
Feature film
Ph. - +(91) 9945692785
Email - ssandyh46@gmail.com
Date of completion - 06/15/2021
Date of last rewrite - 06/15/2021
Writer(s) - Sandesh Hegde (Myself)
Tagline - Under work.


Re: A feature length Drama/Sports

Hey there Sandesh hegde, I wanted to say thank you for sharing this awesome piece of work you created. A FIGHTER'S VIRTUE is definitely one of the best documentary I watched this year and I'm excited to more awesome work from you! Anybody here tried playing the hitmasters game? This is a great action shooting game to play and you will surely enjoy the challenges it offers. I've been playing this game for a couple of weeks now and I still enjoyed it.

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