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The Rigger

A thriller/drama with a powerful emotional journey, based on an aspect of soldiering that has never been the subject of a film.

The Rigger, (2hrs 12min – or – 2hrs 20mins), an adaptation of my published book The Rigger, author Jack Williams (Whitehall would not let me use my real name).

Comment from Northern Ireland film director Marty Stalker (ex-marine), 'A wonderful fresh angle to a Troubles story,’ and said to mention his name when approaching members of the film industry.

An old soldier has a mid-life crisis – death, pain, sorrow, drama and P.T.S.D follow.

He's bought the house, will soon be, 'Mister Civilian', but a midlife crisis changes everything. He’s choppered in, taken by armoured personnel carrier, or covertly drives to locations, where he climbs radio masts under cover of darkness, and rigs antennae for SAS operations.
The IRA leader tries to eliminate Jack, but he survives being shot at whilst climbing, narrowly escapes an exploding claymore mine, and walks away from a downed helicopter. His partner is shot on a mast whilst standing in for him, his wife refuses to speak to him because he volunteered, and her rejections, and his tour, begin to grind him down.
With only days to push he's diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but they won't release him. A detonator, planted on an IRA lorry bomb, can only be activated by a radio signal, and after battling his way through a snow-storm, Jack rigs the antenna that will send the signal. He's given the remote to do it, and, unsure, his finger hovers over the detonator button, until he’s told his antagonist is driving the lorry bomb. He flies home, hopes his wife will be waiting for him, she is.
Sitting at the top of a radio tower, Jack tells how he left Northern Ireland with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how he overcame it.

Original news footage of several incidents has been signposted.