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The Daemon Chronicles : Messiah

The Daemon Chronicles
Messiah (part 1)
The ancient war between Heaven and Hell is brought to life. When Sataniel is cast to Earth, not only
does he procreate, but a new born Messiah returns as well. All of Hell’s Army come against him and
his virgin wife. A wide eyed spectacle of love, magic, mysteries of the spirit, and a revelation as told
by a PSYOP clandestine operative and St. John The Immaculate.
In this story we witness the war in Heaven between Adonai and Satan. We learn of Satan’s rise to
glory throughout time here on Earth and how the Interstellar’s and Illuminated One’s keep us about.
We learn of new agencies and how angels interact with the chosen one’s.
Rapture ensues and it’s a final battle between Sataniel’s son, Samael and the called upon Messiah.
When all is witnessed around the world, the heathen Army of Satan is brought to the surface and
manifest before everyone’s eyes.
They are all called home and the story begins, now in The End, when Adonai calls his Morning Star
This is the beginning of a long series to come.