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De La Don Productions Concepts for 2021-2024

Concepts Coming Soon
By Ian Maldonado
I have a ton of ideas that I want to bring to life and the silver screen. The next few years I will be
working on a few stories. Here’s a few to look forward to.
“The Devil and I” – a story about a Messianic man who is befriended by the Devil. Together they
become one. The young man is taught all of the Devil’s magic and secrets and set to take over the
realm of Hell, while Satan prepares for his journey home, back to Heaven. The Messiah does
something different with Satan’s secrets.
“The Duty Dude” or “Tales of the Cable Guy” – (Title TBA) Four stories stemming from one cable
installer’s daily route. It’s a comedic slide into four unique tales that most cable guys experience.
From sex, drugs and rock n roll with a twist of “la famiglia”.
“The Kush Master” – Bob Kushem’s is a suave and delicate cannabis grower, distributor and
partaker. Known as the Kush master, he dives deep into the newly legal pot market. With stocks on
the rise and a run in with a class of character’s who can’t get enough of his weed. Characters include
cameos by Cheech and Chong, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Snoop Dawg, Dre, Cubevision, a wide
array of comedians who smoke and wide array of artists who dig Bob Kushem’s weed. A wild tale
into the lives of pot heads across the nation and the rise of cannabis on the scene.
“Matilda: The Professional part 2”- Matilda is all grown up now. She is still working for Tony on the
side, but another contractor seeks her professional work. When a CIA assisted hit goes awry, she
must do what she can to survive. All she knows how to do is clean, and cleaning house is what she
does. A special cameo appearance by Jean Reno. Starring Natalie Portman.
“Through the Eyes of Lucifer”- (A DC STORY)- Lucifer, second in command next to Satan is worthy of
the prize. To be the new Lord of Hell. But first we witness their glory and rise to the top with
Adonai’s other order’s of angelic hosts. Through Lucifer’s eye’s, all is witnessed through another
point of view. Their rise and fall from grace to the reptilians they’ve become under the curse of
Adonai. A backstabbing revolt amongst the heathen takes place before our eyes. Lucifer, Lord of
“Cube 22” – A story about an alien who is shot down over the Northern New Mexico and Oklahoma
skies. After a recovery mission, the Department of Defense secures the living subject and brings it
back to health. When the alien becomes healthy, with no way or form to contact home, it becomes
an ally to the North American Defenses. Throughout time, the alien ally becomes ambassador to
interstellar region’s who seek refuge on Earth. Cube 22 show’s us where this alien live’s in Dulce, New
Mexico and Area 51, in ecosphere’s specially created for their habitat known as Cube 22. Traveling by
night, the Air Force escorting Cube 22 is total black ops. Beyond Classified. A Story of interstellar
being’s inhabiting Earth.
“Lady Milan” – (Paris Hilton as principle)- A story about a world renowned sex columnist who teams
up with a world renowned gangster and intelligence agent. Together they are called on missions
from CIA and Mi5. With their connections in the entertainment and political scene, Lady Milan and
co-operator takes over the world by storm, in a different light.
“To Style Their Own” – A story about an actress who falls for a stranger who crosses her set. She
sets out after him with a PI and begins a cat and mouse game with this stranger. The stranger turns
out to be an aspiring actor and she play’s her management and casting directors to cast him for a
music video she’s shooting in town later in the books. The kid is sought by her, another starlette, his
new female agent, and a manager that’s a total gangster. The kid brings in a team of his own and in
the end, they all styled “their” own star.
“Death Before Dishonor”- Two CIA wing agent’s with the 25th Infantry come back from Vietnam two
different men. Their bond and honor for each other’s glory is only the beginning when one is a made
mafioso in Bensonhurst, NY and the other a CEO with a huge telecommunications corp. Their son’s
become them in the end, both respected by the mob and the CIA.
“And Bujoo Knew”- A story about a street kid who meets a homeless man who was a former UFC
Boxer in its inception. The story binds the two character’s as they roam around the streets of
Albuquerque through thick and thin. A tale about a kid and new father figure he looks up and
respects the most.
“Ultra Gate”- The story of the CIA’s STARGATE and MKULTRA Operations that have evolved to till
today. This tale take’s us into the lives of several Stargate Operative’s who witness something in the
spirit concerning top officials from throughout the world. It turns into a spirit war with