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Screenplay titled; "The Last President"

Hello, my name is Douglas Paige and I hope to get my screenplay into the proper hands. My screenplay; "The Last President" shows China conquering America through cyber warfare, and economic warfare, with minimal military effort. China should not need the help of a virus, as America's economy and military are both in severe decline. China will slowly possess 100% of America's national debt and eventually issue a final loan limited by a national debt ceiling of $100 trillion, then everything stops. Every debt clock across the country stops, and displays $100 trillion, then China soon demands payment. However, America is certainly broke, as America has no funds to repay $100 trillion, the only other option is to surrender America to China. Thank you, Douglas Paige

p.s. I finished writing "The Last President" 12/27/2012 and now it's happening, China is on the offensive with Taiwan first and America next. Many details are different, but the final decision is that China will successfully conquer America