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upbeat cross cultural romance

Dear Agent,

My 96-page screenplay, TALK TO MY EYES, is an upbeat, cross-cultural romantic drama based on my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan and on my play of the same name. It is not a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Twenty-eight-year-old Michael, a restless artist from Boulder, Colorado, teaches at a local Azeri school and lives with seventeen-year-old Sevda’s family tutoring her in English so that she will be accepted into university. Michael’s career as an artist has floundered. He hopes his passion for painting will be revived by living in another culture.

Michael gets more than he bargains for. The love between him and Sevda grows quickly despite cultural tension and misunderstandings of language and of the heart. Her struggle to express herself in English runs parallel to her growing maturity. At one point she says to Michael, “If we can’t have a conversation, I don’t love you anymore!” The surprising ending of their journey has left audiences at readings of the play moved and satisfied.

This screenplay (WGA 1731069) is available through The Black List or from the author. Here are excerpts from a Black List review.

“TALK TO MY EYES is a one of a kind script that blends romance, drama, and coming of age…The pacing is good and the story flows smoothly; it’s captivating and simple to follow…The script explores the themes of love, culture shock, and women’s emancipation from a fresh and compelling perspective…Michael could be played by an established American actor, and if the chemistry with the young Azeri is strong, the project could be successful, especially in the female quadrants…With some work on the script, it could also do well from a critical standpoint and have a brilliant run on the film festival circuit.”

Thank you for your time. May I send you the complete screenplay?

Warren Carlson
1325 Covina Ave.
Medford, OR 97504
wcarlplaywright@mail.com (not gmail)