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Past. A Mexican woman is hired by a drug dealer to bring drugs in her body to the US. After crossing the border, she decides not to deliver the drug. She prefers to start her own business.
Current days. Three strangers from the US are stranded in Mexico City due to an earthquake and become friends. One of them is kidnapped during a ballad.
The kidnapped man had been hired by the drug dealer to kill the Mexican woman who did not deliver the drug as agreed. The matador also did not carry out his work, leaving the woman alive and sending her to live in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
After the kidnapping, the two other boys decide to return to the hotel where they are staying, thinking that the other man had gone out with a woman. Out of curiosity, they start going through the man's luggage and find a large amount of money. They decide to take a little so they can have fun until the airport is released after the earthquake.
The two boys are also kidnapped and because they cannot return the money they took, they will be forced by the new killer to locate the Mexican woman inside a favela in Rio de Janeiro. As the two strangers can't enter the favela without being intimidated, they will depend on a famous Funk singer recording a video inside the favela to do their job and not be the three killed by the new killer.