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Commitment Issues

LOGLINE: When a love-scorn attorney has a not-so-pleasant encounter with a hopeless romantic musician, she must face her fears about love and loss to find her happily ever after; while her more-than-ready to be married little sister gets accidentally engaged to her commitment-phobic boyfriend.

SUMMARY: TONI REED, the self-proclaimed “baddest attorney in LA”, has no time for love or relationships. After an earth-shattering breakup with her ex-fiancé, she’s all work and no play. It's not until she has an off-putting and unexpected run-in with hopeless romantic musician, TRENT MAXWELL, that the ice around her heart begins to melt. JAMIE REED, a medical resident and Toni’s little sister, has been seeing ELLIS GRAHAM since high school. Jamie is more than ready to take their relationship to the next level, marriage. But the question remains “Is he?” Ellis made a promise to himself as a kid that he would never get married. He loves Jamie, but he just isn’t sure if he should take the plunge and marry her. So one can imagine when he finds himself accidentally engaged to Jamie, Ellis is horrified. Both couples must navigate the highs and lows of relationships and their own commitment issues as they try to find the love they desire and truly deserve