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Abraham Conspiracy: Completed Screenplay Genre: action adventure eg: Da Vinci Code, Holy Grail)

This story contains enough historically accurate Old Testament history to build a believable story line. (Refer to The Hyksos Expulsion). Audiences today are amazed to find that Biblical Patriarchs (even pre-flood) lived alongside the Egyptian Pharaohs. Noah lived from c 4898 to years ago to 6898 years ago. Historically, Noah had to have been a contemporary of the pharaoh Mentuhotep. Modern movies have (sort of) addressed these time frames. (eg. NOAH "a man is chosen by God to save humanity from flood.") Modern "scholars" avoid this subject by saying all the records were destroyed in the flood. According to real timelines, the pyramids were already built during the flood. And we know who built the pyramids.

Max Thorenson, ancient language expert and biblical scholar, is brought to Egypt to consult on what appears to be a ten-thousand-year-old written language. (Egyptian scholars realize the stones could be an eyewitness account of the events recorded in Genesis and want to proceed cautiously.) Experts are disappointed when they appear to have only deciphered an ancient shopping list. Experts develop the theory that this “shopping list” may be referencing some larger document that is yet to be discovered.

Doctor Leah Prosper, an expert in human DNA, has been in the Middle East collecting male DNA. Specifically, their Y-Chromosome markers to track human migration history into the levant. She discovers a DNA-type she feels is specific to the Biblical Patriarchs. From a religious background, she sets out to prove the accuracy of Genesis. She begins to suspect that Abraham may have been Arab/Egyptian.

This brings her into conflict with Simon bar Kokhba, who is planning a resurgent Israel (New Canaan) and relies on God's covenant with a Hebrew Abraham. Kokhba initiates an apparent move to destroy Leah and her “Arab Abraham” theory; It turns out he has a much more diabolical (and Biblical) fate for her.

Madam Bishara, a wealthy Sunni Muslim, wants to prove Abraham was Arabic to enhance the Arab states standing in the today's world. She has fostered and supported many of the Arab Spring revolutions. She becomes Leah's protector.

On a chance meeting between Max Thorenson and Leah Prosper, Leah recognizes Max’s translations of the ancient messages as DNA addresses specific to the human-Advanced-Region of the Human Genome.
The information they find in the human Genome brings to a head the conflict with Simon bar Kokhba that dramatically culminates in a siege battle in front of the venerable St Mary's Orthodox Christian Church in Ethiopia, Africa for the entire world to see.