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Chained in Darkness Anthology

Chief Detective Wanda Price begins an investigation into a recently discovered body. The newly deceased individual is added to a long list of other unexplained deaths occurring worldwide. Her detective skill is razor-sharp as she connects a single clue to the end of the deceased. Her investigation leads her to a storefront minister by the name of Kristofer Masters. Interaction between the two of them finds them both in the streets of New York, where Detective Price is attacked by unknown assassins. While recovering in the hospital, she is visited by Rev. Kristofer’s mentor, Professor Aaron Nyabinghi. The Professor announces that the slate of deaths is connected to a waganga, a witch.
Professor Nyabinghi shares his thoughts on the Nephilims, the giants of old, and how they play a part in the world’s destruction of humans. He and Rev. Masters begin to recognize that their foe is out of this world.
In an attempt to discover a plan to thwart their demonic nemesis, Kristofer Masters is dispatched to the nether world of Hum-Liel, in the Citadel of Lights. Professor Nyabinghi’s associate, Rabbi Rambam Moshe, assists in separating Kristofer’s soul from his body to make the transition into Hum-Liel’s world. A couple of weeks later, Kristofer returns with newfound powers, unbeknownst to him.
Professor Nyabinghi and other concerned friends have been traveling to the Hum-Liel’s world. They have now used up their cosmic energies. They require the young Minister to assist them in destroying the witch Charlotte Devereaux. She is controlled by a powerful spirit. The spirit-being is named Molodom, who gained release from his chains in darkness through the energy created by PACT (Particle Accelerator Cyclotronic Translocator). Molodom will use the Particle Accelerator to release the other demons on All Hallow’s Eve. Recent events in Champaign, Illinois, hometown to Detective Price and Rev. Kristofer Masters, offers hope. A strategic plan to gather more information is plotted out, and tasks are given to the various team members. The team will depart from the home of Rabbi Rambam Moshe in New York, where the Rabbi and his sister, Jaleh, will travel to Israel. Israel has promised to fund and support the teams’ effort and supply the team with Ashes of the Red Heifer. The Ashes of the Red Heifer are used in the rite of purification to enter Hum-Liel’s domain. That realm is protected by the Guardian of the Gates, Kedmistos.
Professor Nyabinghi will travel to Las Vegas to meet with the Council of the Ancestral Elders of the Hopi. The Council of the Elders is the Guardian of the underground pyramid located in the Grand Canyon. The Venerable Ones, of old, relegated charge to the Hopi for the task before them. Rev. Masters and Detective Price travel to Champaign to consult with the University of Illinois in their findings.
After the team members complete their assigned tasks, they are to return to New York, where they will formulate their final plan to enact before All Hallow’s Eve.

"A slow-burn mystery that engages a plethora of religious perspectives about evil and murder. Although I was not surprised that the author chose to build the story up to the introduction of the main protagonist and the search for the killer, I would have liked for it to happen a little sooner. I am one of those readers who likes to get pulled right in, so perhaps it is impatience on my part. Readers who like a descriptive, short read with an expedited plot may like Chained in Darkness Alpha. It does offer some interesting characters." Layla Abdullah-Poulos