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The Brain Drain

The Brain Drain is a completed, WGA registered sci-fi story. A synopsis follows:

The Brain Drain is a sci-fi suspense story of three university grad students, Foster and Janet, doctoral candidates in physiology, and Dasha, a beautiful Russian exchange student studying engineering. To understand near death experiences, Janet and Foster are working on a cadaver to explore post mortem changes in synapses in the human brain. A weird cosmic event happens scaring the students. They find their computer monitor spitting out language they didn't write and images they don't recognize. They eventually realize they have accidentally discovered a way to access the memories of the dead body on the gurney and give the deceased a new voice. Can they do it again? Can they do it with live subjects? The report to Dr. Jeffreys, their Department Head and have to prove to him they can do it again. He sees it as an opportunity to pump new life into his flagging career in academia. Jeffreys publishes it and arranges their dissertation prematurely. Two strange men show up and sit high up in the auditorium recording their presentation. Strange things begin to happen. Phone calls with nobody on the other end. Knocks on the door, nobody is there. Foster's room is ransacked. The president of the university calls them all in. He announces he is shutting down all of their experiments and demands they turn in their notes, equipment and all items associated with the experiment. Nobody but the students know about the flash drive. The students decide they won't give up either their experiment; it has too much potential. Foster is prepared to drop out of the university to pursue it. Janet has reservations. Dasha doubts the ownership of the flash drive, discovered on university time. They come to realize they are in danger. Janet suggests Foster stay the night. He hugs both girls and says he’ll be back. When he doesn’t show up, they go to find him. At his dorm, he’s lying on the floor, shot dead. Terrified, the girls run back to Janet's room. Who will be next? Dasha is only wearing a cardigan so she decides to go back to her own dorm room before it gets colder. Outside, her hands get cold and she puts them in the pocket of her sweater. There she discovers the flash drive! Foster put it in her pocket during the hug. She's the one he thought most trustworthy and least suspected to have it. She realizes certain people want to silence this program -- and them? Dasha is now in possession of a very dangerous piece of technology. She walks into the night; she passes two men who stand up and follow her. She fearfully notices them and panics, tries to run away. Can she escape?