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WGA Registered His Name is Jake

Unaware of eyes in the dark, Jake and Lisa's intimate affair in the garden will turn into a nighmare they never expected.

The party is over and the night is still young. Jake a man of mystery never settling down in one place, decides to take a walk in the garden behind the big white two-story house.

Lisa follows Jake into the garden. There's a shadow of a man a few feet away standing beside the big oak tree, deep in thought. His back is turned away from Lisa.

He looks up at the tree as Lisa quietly approaches him. She touches his shoulder. Startled, Jake turns around quickly. Suprised to see Lisa, Jake asked What are you doing here?

Lisa takes Jake's face into her hands and kisses him. He pulls away. Surprised at what has happened, he ask what are you doing? She kisses Jake again.

He response to her advances. They become intimate in the garden. After it was over, Lisa runs into the house up the long flight of stairs, out of breath into her bedroom and locks the door.

Jake calls after her, but no response. Muffled sounds of crying in her pillow comes through the door as Jake walks back down the stairs. Lisa's fiance saw everything from his upstairs bedroom window and vows to make them pay. Unaware that they both had been seen by Lisa's fiance, things are about to take a turn for the worst.

Lula Johnson