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Short Comedy Scripts Wanted

We are looking for scripts for short comedy films (under 10mins) or comedy sketches - which can be filmed on a tiny budget - which means easy to source locations, minimal cast, easy to source props, no FX etc. We are also particularly looking for comedy sketches/shorts about Freddie Krueger/Michael Myers/Leatherface/Jason Voorhees for some spoofs.

Re: Short Comedy Scripts Wanted

Comedy about Freddie Krueger, Jason, and Leatherface

Logline: Parking Lot at night

Freddie Krueger rides in on a bike, Jason comes out of the dark and knocks Freddie Krueger off the bike. Leatherface points and laughs at Freddie Krueger. Freddie Krueger jumps to his feet and looks around. Freddie Krueger pulls a dead rat out of his pocket and throws it at Leatherface and runs away. Leatherface runs after Freddie Krueger and tackles him to the ground and pulls him around the parking lot by his legs. Jason rides in on Freddie Krueger's bike. Freddie Kruger swings at Jason and misses him and falls to the ground. Jason throws a big red ball at Freddie krueger. Freddie Krueger bounces on top of the big red ball to get away from Jason. Jason and Leatherface runs after Freddie Krueger throwing confetti. Freddie Krueger turns around and bounces after them. Jason and Leatherface runs around the parking lot being chased by Freddie Krueger. There's a puddle of water on the ground, Jason slips and falls in the water Leatherface falls on top of Jason. Freddie Krueger pours more water on Jason and Leatherface. Jason and Leatherface acts like they are drowning in water. Jason stops pouring water on them and grabs a hose and sprays them with the water hose. Jason and Leatherface is being pushed around the parking lot by the water from the hose. Jason and Leatherface are covered in confetti from head to toe. Freddie Krueger falls to the ground laughing so hard he didn't see Jason and Leatherface coming after him.

Re: Short Comedy Scripts Wanted

Bronanaz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4nKUfYivk