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Feature script: Unbreakable bond

Genre: Romance / Drama

Logline: The bond with a true friend is a love rarely experienced.

Inspired by some true events. Prostitution, drugs, alcohol, verbal and physical abuse are part of the package deal when Antoine and Latrice became friends as children creating an unbreakable bond. On the night Antoine murdered his father for abusing his mother, Latrice’s mother was found raped and murdered in an alley. As they grow older, Latrice consistently takes verbal abuse from her father, which is making her take the same route as her mother. When Antoine finds out his mother was murdered in prison, it leaves him with no one but Latrice to fall back on, but it’s hard because she’s busy sleeping with random men to help cope in her mind the verbal abuse she gets from her father
Thank you for your time,

Bernard Mersier
(313) 454-8234