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Feature script: The blacc rose family

Genre: Crime / Action / Drama

Logline: The only thing that’s guaranteed aside from death is family.

Years after witnessing his father Lawrence murder his mother Tanya as a child, Blu finally returns back on the scene not only for vengeance, but to pick up where his family drug business left off. After killing his father, Blu starts observing the shady people he has working for him, and one by one he kills them off, leaving a black rose behind, which was the family calling card. While taking back full control of the streets, and avoiding Phillip, a dirty cop who once worked for his parents. Blu runs across a teenage boy named Bryant, who thinks he’s a thug, until he gets involved with the murders Blu has him involved in, making him change his mind, but it’s too late.

Bernard Mersier
(313) 454-8234