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Feature script: Skin privileges

Genre: Crime / Drama

Logline: Seeking revenge for an unpunished crime, a group of men takeover
a Detroit police station seeking justice.

Six months after the brutal rape and murder of Tyreka, and the case goes cold, the men who had their hands in the crime, Deacon Dwayne, police officer Norman and the mayor Jeffery gets abducted one by one. While the police are on a city wide manhunt for the missing three, a man named Cai steps into the police station taking it hostage with a C-4 vest strapped across his chest. The other men who accompanied him begin locking the precinct down, while Cai has a live interview with Stanton, another officer who had a play in the rape and murder. Cai tells the people watching the live video, he’s leaving the lives of the missing three in Stanton’s hands. All he has to do is honestly tell the difference between African-Americans and Caucasians, and he’ll let the people live.

Bernard Mersier
(313) 454-8234