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Feature script: In God you trust

Genre: Horror

Logline: Pure evil is created from being treated wrong, and all you’ve done was good.

Douglass is the son of a slave owner who was murdered by his own father for feeding the slaves.Not accepting his murder, feeling God should have done something to prevent it, Douglass is banished to hell after cursing God, swearing when a woman with a pure soul wears the ring on his dead body, he’ll create a reverse Adam and Eve so he can kill God. Now that we’re in the present day, a woman named Samantha has acquired the ring from her husband Cassidy. The night of her party, when she gets into an altercation with Cassidy’s ex Tiffany, Douglass' spirit is released from the ring, contaminating everybody's body. Days after the party, one by one, Samantha’s friend’s start dying off, until it’s just her and Douglass, leaving her with the option of joining him or dying.