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Feature script: God's speaker

Genre: Horror / Drama / Slasher

Logline: The wrath of God is delivered properly through his servants.

Deacon Patrick Graves is having dinner with his wife Danielle, and Michael Young, the man she’s been having an affair with. The two are speaking about how much they love Patrick’s sermons, and that’s when he breaks wide, telling them he knows about the affair. Thinking there’s about to be an argument, Danielle and Michael attempt to explain themselves, and Patrick reassures them although he’s hurt, he’ll leave the situation in God’s hands. Patrick raises his glass for a toast, and they follow suit, taking a sip. Within a fews seconds, Michael and Danielle drop their heads to the table, feeling the effect of the drugs Patrck spiked their wine with. An hour later when they wake up, they are tied together back to back in the garage. Patrick tells them a scripture and how he’s sickened by Danielle cheating on him before slitting their throats. While Patrick is carving flesh from their bodies, Michael’s son Fred witnesses it, and quickly informs the police. When the police arrive at the house, they find no evidence of murder or the bodies. After tasting flesh for the first time, Patrick installs in his mind God has placed him in this position to kill anyone who breaks the ten commandments, and that’s exactly what he does, eating certain parts of their bodies after the kill to, in his mind, cleanse their souls.