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Feature script: Clarity of deception

Genre: Thriller / Suspense / Drama

Logline: The past never rests until you face your wrongs.

While the graduating students stand on the bleachers in the middle of the football field as a motivational speaker speaks, we see Bernard standing in the back with his head down in shame, rubbing a diamond engagement ring on his finger. His best friend Phil standing next to him tries getting him out of the slumps, but it doesn’t work. Years later as Bernard is coming out of the courthouse after winning a big case, he makes his way to his car, and that’s when he gets into an altercation with a homeless man. After a few words are exchanged, Bernard gets in his car, and before he closes the door, the homeless man throws a balled up paper bag inside. Bernard pulls over a few streets down, and then opens the bag seeing a message written on it. Not taking the note seriously, he balls it up, throwing it out the window.