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Battlefield Earth Done Right!

The current Battlefield Earth did not accurately reflect the wonderful source material.
I am in the middle of writing a 10 part mini-series that will bring Battlefield Earth alive
and I think it will be fantastic. Here are the issues Hubbard addressed and the order I will address them
Episode 1 - Man's innocence could lead to it's destruction
Man launched spacecraft with detail,s about Earth is captured, Earth is sold at auction, a mortgage is taken
out on Earth to fund the invasion and extermination of the indigenous people of Earth and establish mining
operations at the newest Central Compound of the Inter-Galactic Mining Company.

Episode 2 - 1000 years later Jonny Goodboy Tyler pops up over the gully on his horse, Windsplitter looking on the small valley where his people
scratched out a meager subsistence. It was cold and rocky with short growing seasons. he also noted that most of the
game had been hunted out and while wild animals reproduced with ease, the people of his village had a declining
birthrate, many times the children were born with deformities. Johnny has been told all his life that to leave the valley
and mountains his life would be in jeopardy from the MONSTERS. Johnny still insists on going even after Chrissy vows to come looking
for him in one year if he doesn't return before then. Johnny of the hills outside Denver and discovers highways,concrete, that man had
had many villages. He also noted that the ground was fertile, and game plentiful, also an abundance of building materials. What could
be bad about coming out of the valley? Coming into Denver During this time he finds money (doesn't know what it is), a library with
walls of books with funny marks on them, the good ones had pictures! He also discovered Monsters are real. Terl, the Monster or Psyclo
that captured Johnny forces him to live in a cage but also introduces Johnny to education and the tools that he will need to ultimately
defeat the Psyclo's and return Earth to Mankind. There's only one problem, no one has defeated the Psyclo's in 302,000 years!
Johnny needs to recruit some help!

Episode 1 Shows how we could do things that lead to our destruction
Episode 2 Johnny learns details how out of hope mankind had become. Then vows to give them hope!
I am working on the full scripts at this time but would like to have an agent for this and 3 other projects I am working on.