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Fictional live-action feature script: Animals wage war against humans to stop Climate Change

A young, female veterinarian, on behalf of three animal leaders, must convince the US President to rejoin the Climate Change Agreement or risk continued war with the entire animal population.

The story is about this veterinarian who is chosen by three animal leaders, to convince the US president to rejoin and abide by the Climate Change Agreement or people will face continued, coordinated attacks by the entire animal population. The veterinarian, who is also head of the Animal Rights Association and a best-selling author on animal intelligence and psychology, is summarily dismissed by everyone as crazy. Despite many obstacles, and with the help of a climate change expert who was her professor and lover, and a female US senator who was her classmate and friend, she gets an audience with the President, who, facing his own personal and political backlash from his climate-denying position, changes his position and achieves peace with the animals of the world.

In an exciting and entertaining way, it deals with one of the most important and universal issues of our time and generations to come-climate change, and also one of the most beloved things on the planet-animals. In addition, it has some really juicy roles for actresses/actors in it and will attract many influential actors and actresses who are passionate about the depicted issues, to be involved in it either on-screen or off-screen as executive producers, for example.

Please let me know if you would like to see the script.