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All entertainment makes sense. You see it and hear it and you agree with it. No one has ever went into the opposite direction. Every scene is unpredictable. The first scene has a guy talking on a phone then hanging up. Next he makes a god awful face for fifteen seconds. What The F__K? You see there are no rules here at all. A first. Anything can happen. A guy walks down stairs next to a building above the clouds. Yes, you can't even see the ground. In another scene we hear a woman's voice but she is clearly drinking water. Again it's ??? The title refers to "Continuity" as in there is none. It is comedy but it's the audience being screwed with. I discovered this concept twenty years ago and have stockpiled a lot of ideas for it. Enough I think for a movie at least. Of course I am badly handicapped in writing anything much less a script. Yeah, I don't want this to die with me, but the movie business is Mount Everest. Very challenging for someone who is looking to retire soon. Any thoughts on this from anyone working in the business will be much appreciated. Thanks and stay healthy.:grimacing: :nerd_face: