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In the 1920s after the Russian Revolution a young diplomat comes up with an idea to destroy jAmerica. He find a young man who fits his ideal candicate to become President of America and over the next 40 years begins his project with the young man. It takes a lot of money and he is finally forced to request a audience withj Stalin. Stalin likes the idea, but want the diplomat to report to no-one but Stalin. The diplo9mat is unaware that fate has intervened with his project, and has placed these men in critical junctures.

A portion of the follows:

Book Characters
Below I have provided a list of characters of the book:
NiKolai Trovski – Russian child who is watched over and trained to be American by Mr. Sergei
Mr. Sergei – Russian Communist who has come up with the idea to use Nicolai as a mole in the American Government.
Roger Bailey, Jr. – Young soldier who is to be replaced by Nikolai
Roger Bailey, Sr. Massachusetts State Representative and Father of Rog5er Bailey, Jr.
Paul Goodman – American spy raised by his Russian Grandmother and taught the Russian language and how to survive in the severe winter weather. Goes to Russia to spy and ends up in a coma for 12 years.
Jamie Bailey – Roger Bailey, Jr.’s older sister
Roy Bailey – Roger Bailey, Jr.’s older brother
Nanny Brown – the Nanny who raised Jamie Bailey, Roy Bailey, and Roger Bailey, Jr. and who kept a secret about Roger Bailey, Jr.
Senator Arthur Jones – personal friend of Paul Goodman
Sheila - Senator Jones’ niece and wife of Paul Goodman

One day while Nikolai and his mother were in the yard tending their very precious garden, they were interrupted by a gentleman who introduced himself as Mr. Sergei. He did not have on a uniform, but he had the ways of a soldier. He asked my mother about the welfare of Nikolai and if everything was alright with the family. Irena said “I am sorry, but do we know you. I do not remember the face” Mr. Sergei answered “No, not personally, but news of how intelligent your child is has reached me such as myself and we agreed to check on him when we were close to your village. Another many such as I, may stop by at another time to check on Nikolai. Young men like him are a real asset to Russia’.
Mr. Sergei took leave and went on his way. He went directly to the mine where Victor worked. He did not bother Victor, but as to speak to the Mine supervisor in his office. No one ever knew what was said in the office, but the Mine Supervisor did not look happy when he left his office and Mr. Sergei headed for the rail station.
Unknown and unnoticed by anyone in Russia, one month to the day after Nikolai had been born in Pes, Russia, another child was born to an affluent family living in Natick, Massachusetts just outside Boston. They named him Roger Michael Bailey, Jr. after his Father.
This baby would want for nothing. His family lived in the United States and had all the money and food that they needed. When they went to the store the shelves were not empty, they were full.
Because the family had plenty of money, there was no worrying about money to buy food or necessities.
Also, Roger’s father never had to worry about his pay not making it to him on time. His father was already a member of the Massachusetts State Representatives, and was preparing a campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The U.S. Congressional race would be held later that year.
Roger Sr. was looking forward to being on the road for the campaign. He did not really care for being stuck around the house for any time at all. Rogers father had a better than even chance of winning the Senatorial Race especially with the help of the labor bosses.
Some of labor bosses were personal friends of Roger Sir’s that went back many years. When he was a Boston City Councilman he had helped the labor leaders put down a Union uprising. Now those same men were going to help him win the election.
The Labor Boss’ influence with the national labor leaders and union officials would help in the national election campaign. Roger, Sr. knew that in exchange for his win, he would have to help the labor unions when he could in Congress.
Unlike Nikolai, Roger, Jr. was not an only child, had one older sister named Jamie, and an older brother named Roy. Even though winter was coming on, Roger’s mother was not concerned with his health or safety.
Roger Jr. would be just another member of a prominent family and she would let the Nanny handle all of the raising and feeding. She did not care about the children she had born into this world any more than a nice purse or coat she could purchase. The children were just a requirement of being part of a wealthy family and the things that were required of a wife.
She had decided long before the marriage that if there were any children, which she really did not want, that there would be absolutely no breast feeding o