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Query for 3 screenplays

Below are three loglines for screenplays that I have available, two of which have been adapted from my published award winning mystery novels. My credits include four novels, three screenplays and many dozens of published short stories. Vindication, the screenplay, was among the top finalists in the 2017 Oaxaca Film Festival, and Bittersweet Serenity, the screenplay, was one of the top winners in the 2019 Story Pitch Festivals. My writing partner, Paul Lawrence, co-authored the script for Bittersweet Serenity, and he has a half dozen script sales and options.

Logline for Bittersweet Serenity (A contemporary psychological thriller/horror script.) In the hills of Washington State there lives an evil and monstrous legend; his name is Dr. Martin Braddock and he devours souls for a living. The unorthodox scientist has a brilliant mind and advanced holographic technology, yet he’s about to face his toughest opponent ever – his estranged wife, in what becomes a war between the bitter and the sweet.

Logline for Vindication (A contemporary action thriller script.) An archaeologist seeks justice for the murder of his best friend and mentor, while also searching to prove his belief that a Viking ship lays buried upriver near the Washington State coastline.

Logline for Dead and Done (A contemporary action thriller script.) A meteorite hunter is murdered and his prized meteorite stolen, leaving a bloody trail for his niece to decipher the truth and challenge the killers.

If there is any interest, I would be happy to have a synopsis and/or the script sent to you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Louetta Jensen

Paul Lawrence