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My Life as a Serial Killer. /Psychological thriller/fiction

The paths of a cub reporter and a serial killer collide as the true connection between them is revealed!

"Thrill killing like any other hobby can get boring without any rhyme or reason. When I added a nursery rhyme theme, the thrill of selecting my victims returned."

"All the shrinks and the cops had me pegged as a nut job. They interviewed people from my childhood. Teachers, neighbors, people I went to school with and anyone else that wanted 15 minutes of fame..."

"I had to laugh at some of the stuff people said. Why? Because some of them I didn’t even know..."

"One lady said she could tell I was evil by my beady eyes... that's funny as that was the last thing my victims saw. My beady eyes!"

"Now people who never paid any attention to me, well I finally got their attention..."

"I never harmed any animals. Never tortured my classmates, none of the stuff they say that serial killers do. They had me all wrong. It was simply a game to me...the game of how many could I kill and how long could I get away with it. It’s my story and I’ll tell it anyway I want."