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LOG LINE: From the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Tennessee, two men, one a combat vet with Saigon drug connections bent on cashing in on the heroin trade and the other his decorated former Army Captain and hometown adversary are pitted against each other. One seeking revenge for having served time in prison and the other seeking justice for the murder of his wife and father, face off in this '60's era life and death struggle.

SYNOPSIS: Vietnam 1966… Captain John ‘Bronco’ Broncowsky, a highly decorated attack helicopter pilot unexpectedly meets up with his hometown adversary, Sergeant Jesse Dregas. During a raid on a Vietcong controlled hamlet in Vietnam, Bronco who provided air support for Jesse’s platoon after coming under heavy enemy fire, lands his helicopter to take charge of the cleanup. He spots Jesse filling rucksacks with pure heroin inside the burning hamlet, unaware that Jesse is on a covert mission with the CIA based in Saigon. His mission – to secretly bring the heroin to Saigon for the CIA. Its purpose – to set up a CIA heroin pipeline to the US in order to fund their covert ‘Black Operations’.