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My Screenplay: The Den

Logline: After winning a murder trial, a young attorney is offered a job at another law firm--not knowing that it's solely operated by werewolves.

Synopsis: This screenplay is about a defense attorney named Steve who has just won a murder trial. Steve's client, Nick, who is actually a werewolf that killed four people, warns Steve that a secret society of creatures exists. Shortly after returning to his place of employment--a law firm that is operated by werewolves--Nick is confronted and killed by the owner for violating his sacred rules. The next day, Steve is contacted by the law firm and offered a job as their new defense attorney. Steve considers the job offer and is told by the owner of the law firm to go see the subdivision where he and all of the other employees live. Out of curiosity, Steve drives over to the subdivision--and to his shock and horror--discovers that werewolves inhabit the housing estates. Steve immediately leaves the subdivision and is contacted by the owner to either join the law firm--or be viciously killed. Now it's a race against time for Steve who knows he can either save his own life, or become another werewolf associated with an underground dwelling called the Den.