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The Last Road Trip - a Dramedy Feature


What do you do when you want to die on your own terms, but it's not legal in your state, your adult daughter would try to talk you out of it, and your best friends who said they'd help you years ago... didn't really mean it?

You tell them all you need a hemorrhoid-ectomy and you'd like to have a little fun before you can't sit down for weeks on end with every **** is a screamer. And this works. So off goes Harvey and his best friends on one last road trip in a hippie-esque VW van to Montana where only one of them knows that the other two will be returning home alone.

But in between are stops at the Chicken House brothel, a crazy bingo game with a bare-breasted narcoleptic woman, a literal run in with a herd of elk - one of whom may, or may not have been killed by the driver pressing the wrong pedal, a reunion with a friend's ex-wife-turned lesbian, an old-fashioned protest complete with fire in the trashcan, arrests and bailouts... and a tearful plea from the now informed daughter for her Dad to just come home. Whew... wait... did I leave out the part about the tarantula??? For that you'll just have to read the whole screenplay - The Last Road Trip - "a tour de force" buddy-road-trip comedy.

A retired widower with terminal cancer tricks his long-time best friends into taking one last hi-jinks-filled road trip to a state that lets you decide when to go.