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Based in Glasgow 2042, after the coronavirus has finally taken its grip off Glasgow it has left the city struggling. At the edge of the city there are warehouses derelict and worm down. The homeless population has spiked and people are worried they will not be able to feed their families. However, as the city begins to come back from the brink hopes are high. 
As the city begins to welcome back the "normal" something else is about to wake up. 
At the edge of the city a new business blooms, "golf-fang" an immersive crazy gold experience where Ryan Wood takes his date Claire Ferguson. After their time in the golf Claire wants to go home and end the date as quick as possible. A drunk Ryan does not read the situation and tries to kiss Claire who pushes him off, he trips on the pavement and cracks his head on the concrete, being drunk and now concussed he struggles to move in a straight line. 
Claire takes off alone through the empty streets covered in the derelict warehouses back into the city to get her train home. 
Ryan stumbles, struggling with his head wound and his drunken state, he makes a wrong turn and wonders down into the side entrance of one of the empty warehouses. As Ryan loses his footing one more time, he comes crashing into the wall which hides the warehouse from the road above. Ryan sits up and tries to open his phone however his sight is blurred and he is quickly losing consciousness. 

What Ryan does not know is that just feet away from him, lying on an old mattress with only a thin sheet covering him is a dishevelled, homeless man that until this point, had nothing to live for. He attempted to overdose on this night however the sound of Ryan crashing down onto the wall has woken him. As Ryan murmurs and attempts to shout for help, he summons the homeless man, who stands withered and sickly. 

The homeless man appears from the warehouse side entrance, were the door that once stood has been taken from the hinges. The un-kept man attempts to help Ryan at first, managing to get into Ryans phone after being given the code from Ryan he then sees his wallet pocking out from his jacket which prompts an internal argument. The homeless man decides to lock Ryans phone with a new passcode and stalls, pretending to phone an ambulance until Ryan falls on conscious. The homeless man attempts to take Ryans wallet from his Jacket but his arm is grabbed by a seemingly rejuvenated Ryan who does his best to stop being robbed however this act triggers something within the homeless man, something evil, the personification of "fight". The homeless man attacks Ryan and after a tense fight Ryan's life is taken by the homeless man. His body is taken into the warehouse and his clothes are stripped from him. 

The homeless man, now with new clothes, money to spend realises he has been given a new life, believing the life he lived previously is gone, he now understands that he has been given salvation from Ryans sacrifice he begins to build a life for himself, buying supplies and heading out of the city centre he carves a slice of, what he would consider paradise. 

However, the feeling he got from taking a life has spawned something dark inside him and the lust for killing begins to grow and grow, the addiction he once had to drugs is taken over by a desire to take lives, he begins to spiral once again, however this time he has the solution. The beast that was born the night Ryan died needs to be released. 

After event 1, Ryans passing. There are 6 more events that transpire all culminating in a showdown with the police, escaping and managing to find cover in a writer's flat where he decides to make the writer tell his story of the birth of the Salvation Killer.