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Yom Kippur

“Yom Kippur” is a Dark Comedy about Rylan, a 15 year-old who goes against his family and breaks all the rules of the high holy holiday Yom Kippur. He wakes up the next day to it being Yom Kippur again, and when he breaks a rule, the day restarts. This happens over and over, so he tries to break the "curse" with the help of the girl next door while also learning what it means to be Jewish and what it takes to make a boy into a man.

The full screenplay is completed and can be sent if your company is interested. We also made "Yom Kippur Short Film" to also share this idea in hopes someone will see it's potential. The link for that is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU9UyM7B0Oc&t=17s