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'Til She Comes Home

MILITARY SCRIPT (female lead)
Two military women (Ava and Chris) bond while training as Arabic linguists. After their training, Chris is assigned undercover operation in Yemen; months later partial, mutilated remains of Chris surface, Ava is forced to leave the Army to recover her body. Training as Arabic Linguists at DLI (Defense Language Institute) thrills SFC Ava Johnson and SFC Chris Avendano—there’s a colorful professor, thirty days of cultural immersion in Bahrain, athletic events and the range to keep them busy. As the linguist honor grad, Chris accepts NSA undercover duty in Sanaa, Yemen, but Ava soon realizes this op is very high risk. Despite a flurry of letters and blackberry texts, Chris goes silent after a marketplace bombing. A new satellite system that spots the DNA of U.S. soldiers detects Chris’s DNA on a Yemeni man’s leather weapons harness. The Yemeni is arrested; Ava travels to witness his interrogation. The Yemeni is released. Ava then arranges for another satellite pass over the leather harness which confirms Chris’s DNA.
Ordered to bring this leather object, as partial remains, back to the U.S. for military internment, Ava is furious. Neither the Army nor NSA will recover Chris’s body. So Ava ends her military career, and takes a job in the Middle East. There she convinces the Sanaa police that what was done to Chris has been done to other “disappeared” Yemeni women. The hunt for the suspect, his location and evidence to match decedents’ DNA to leather objects begins. The Sanaa police arrest this mercenary again, and after a grueling interrogation he leads police to the bodies. Ava recovers Chris’s body and returns her fallen comrade home. Dissenters willing to throw off the bureaucracy, and risk it all to do what’s right deliver right to our hearts. To leave no soldier behind is Ava’s code of honor, and nothing deters her from this sacred duty.