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The 13th Gate

I've written a Luciferian Occult Fantasy.
It was designed to be made as a First-person film, or tv series.

The 13th Gate


Genre: Mystery, Occult, Numerology

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We follow a young man Beverly of the age of 22 as he's walking down the street,
saddened by the loss of his wife, who's been his girlfriend from when they were 13.
As he walks further down the road, he meets a mysterious stranger on the crossroads of the lonely city.
The stranger asks him to join him on a journey of a lifetime, to which he accepts.
From thence on all would change for young Beverly.
As he progresses we get to meet all the tenants of the infamous Building that lies hidden in another dimension. Hidden by occult means using the Dragon lines.
Fueled by the power of the Building from the Earth realm.
Wild fantasy unravels and Beverly is taken to another realm, another time.
He goes through the three initiations:

1. Death of the Heart
2. Death of the Soul
3. Rebirth in the Spirit

There he learns from the illuminated brothers of the secret lodges.
Everything is accompanied with dark humor and symbolism,
shrouded in mystery, darkness and numerology.

Writing is my passion and i have many more ideas, not just for occult works.
Currently i'm working on a big mythological tv series screenplay about the world before the creation of land, when the Gods of Chaos ruled.

Let me Know if You would like to read further,


Beverley Fox