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Screenplay for a Feature Film: :'The Thirteenth Dance.' (120 pages, written in The Final Draft

I am a retired teacher, and now a writer. Screen West and Feisty Dame Productions in Western Australia showed an interest in 'The Thirteenth Dance' and have advised me to find a producer.

In 1925, young Audrey Jacob murders Cyril Gidley while he is dancing with another girl in the Western Australian Government House Ballroom. The court case (Jacob v Gidley) is astounding- and has now been recorded in Australian History.

'The Thirteenth Dance' is a true story based on research from old 1925 newspapers and articles about the case. It is a drama with aspects of a thriller. The screenplay not only gives the reader some understanding of the reasoning behind the murder, but it also has all the ingredients for a feature film: romance, rape, murder and more. All this, followed by one of the most dramatic trials recorded in Australian history. Add to this the glitz and glamour of the 1920s 'Great Gatsby-ish' setting, and this could be an amazing film.

I was inspired to write this screenplay, because my Aunt worked for the descendants of Audrey Jacob's skillful and manipulative lawyer, Arthur Haynes. And I heard this story many times.

I am hoping that out there somewhere (preferably in Australia) there is a producer who can bring this amazing story to life.